Karl Lagerfeld showcased a rather casual collection this year, this was seen through the light materials and simple colours. The models looked clean-cut with short hair, juxtaposed with aphotic make-up. The collection had influences of American-sport, with the final pieces becoming more and more edgier and modern.  However, there were some pieces which were too modern, I'll let the pictures talk for themselves.


I love this outfit! The colour choice is natural and neutral, thus allowing a woman of any race to wear it. I think the outfit is rather casual, but with the accents of pearls, it adds an element of sophistication.

The colour is great! I like the strict top, in contrast with the loose pants. I think the flower, adds a touch of femininity, against the straight cuts that Gabrielle always proposed.
This look is heavenly! The ensemble is very ethereal, with the addition of harsh jewels. I would prefer it with flats, to keep it casual
The dress itself is very simple, I like the addition of modern detailing along the shoulders. I think it makes the piece more interesting than without.
This is just perfect, everything is wonderful. It's sophisticated, it's modern, it's perfect!

Oh come on, this is terrible. Who would wear this?
The material of the top is terrible, I mentioned that strict contrast with light would look nice, but this is far too strict. The colour is terrible. Just a miss, really
I think the picture speaks for itself, right?
The top isn't very modern, it's history. When the piece dates too far back, no one would wear it.
The skirt kills me, it just looks very rushed and sloppy.
What did you think of this year's collection? Leave a comment below!

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  1. loved this collection, probs the best

    1. Yes, it was one of his best works. Shame about some of those hideous looks though


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