Creative designer at Mulberry, Emma Hill wishes goodbye to the brand she moulded for over six years. For her final collection, she designed a show which embodies, to her, a Mulberry woman. The collection consists of the British-vibe, beautiful pops of bright colours, with the edginess of leather. Model-of-the-moment and campaign star of Mulberry's F/W collection, Cara Delevingne opened the show wearing a off white blouse, tucked into floral shorts, finished with a matching coat. She was soon followed by models who wore panelled dresses, with breaks of sheer materials, the designs were shown in various colours, from light blue to nude peach.

Cara opened the show, wearing a bold outfit. Florals also seem to be making a comeback next season.

The collection showcased polished looks, with leathers being heavily used. Models wore head-to-toe leather outfits, usually loose fitting. Emma Hill closed her final show, with models wearing white pieces. These had interesting textures to them, which would appear to be 3D, modern flowers. Overall, the collection was a very well polished, sleek and end to Emma's reign at Mulberry. 

A fairly interesting look, rather modern.
Hmm, a really unflattering look. Far too much material and leather for my liking.
A clean and sophisticated look.
The top is fine, however the pants are way to big.
The final bow from Emma Hill.

What did you think of her final collection?


Photo Credit: Style.com

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