Nothing screams tough, sexy and independent as a Versace collection. Donatella presented yet another audacious and bold collection for the Italian brand, with models wearing revealing outfits, which had edgy styling and skin tight pants. Katlin Aas opened the show, wearing a denim outfit. She boldly wore a denim jacket, with just a Medusa head necklace underneath. She also wore a denim skirt and finished with a pair of killer heels. This skirt was worn in various styles, depicting its versatility. The skirt was paired with a sheer bandage top, a white military-esque jacket and a casual t-shirt - very versatile.

A strong look to open the show, but the outfit is messy and sloppy.

90s era of mixed colours were also presented on outfits. The epitome of this look, could be seen where Julia Nobis stepped out in a splash colour dress, worn with a white-based colourful  bomber jacket. Donatella is always able to portray usually sweet and innocent colours, in a sexy and mature manner. The collection then presented tones of lilac and lavender. The outfits consisted of light material dresses, finished with a hardware Medusa logo. 

Donatella finished her spring collection with sexy gown dresses (as per usual). These featured baby innocent tones, in juxtaposition with sexy styling. These gowns would be created with light fabrics and a base. Featuring sheer materials, a key trend next summer. The 'Versace woman' certainly faced a new look, yet stuck to her home-base of sexiness and confidence.

A killer look; very sexy with the lack of top, with a high slit and killer heels. I really like the jacket, the shape and material draw me in.
90s era was not a good time for fashion, clothes looked tacky and cheap. Although it was the birth of the supermodel, it was not the conception of classic clothes.
Isn't it funny that the connotations for this colour tone, are sweet and innocent? Here Donatella vamps up the sex appeal, with her own twist. 
This is tacky
Love this look, perfect in all aspects. Minus Lindsey's hideous hairstyle!

What do you think of this collection?


Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. i really liked 2, 4 and 5!

  2. my favorite part of this collection was definitely the shoes!

    1. Donatella was very generous this year, adding a block heel for those girls. It looks great and has a lot of stability!


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