With Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Ciara in the front row at this season's Givenchy show, the pressure was on for Riccardo Tisci. He beautifully described the collection as "It's a car crash of two cultures-the fragility of Japan and the draping of Africa.", which could certainly be noted on the runway. Japanese influenced designs were up first, the models wore clothes which where heavy in material yet light in style. They were draped across the body, with various two tone materials. There were plenty of materials used, some used to extend the neck line and reveal a bandage style undergarment. African elements then came into play, when the models wore safari tones, with excess draping. The models were adorned with with rough furs, to represent the wildlife of Africa. Tisci closed with ensembles which had colourful stripes, these looks were gowns, with a reveal of cleavage. Often using light materials such as silk, to represent Japanese kimonos and the styling of Africa. 

I love the styling of this look, elegance teamed with strength and power. She looks strong and confident.

Love this use of over laying, the sheer, with the undergarments and the two tone materials - it all works well.
I really like that neck line, sexy but not slutty.
I like that criss-cross going on around the neckline, with a beautiful top which cascades down the model.

What do you think of this subtle Givenchy woman?


Photo Credit: Style.com



  1. Honestly, this was definitely one of my least favorite collections this season. Although it's very different from what Tisci used to design, and I like the fact, that it didn't contain the "it-sweaters" but it somehow still didn't work for me, and not to forget the exaggerated masks.

    1. The Givenchy woman was certainly subtle this season, less bold prints and graphic pieces. Perhaps he's opting for a quiet woman this collection? Plus, Pat Mcgrath revealed those masks took 4 hours in hair and make-up!


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