A few blocks away from Oxford Circus at The Old Sorting Office was Maharishi's A/W2015 runway show. The collection focused on the present; in an era of escalating surveillance from government agencies and corporations, the collection seeks cover and look for inspiration in the way of the ninja - the ultimate weapon in stealth. Maharishi interpreted the functionality of the garments of preparedness to combat in combination with 21st century utility suited to the needs of the international traveller.

The deigns integrated a version of the Bonsai Forest house camouflage pattern. Natural and organic shapes, accentuated with a dotted pattern; a common method of 21st century pointillism to disrupt video surveillance systems. Traditional ninja and martial arts uniforms inspire elongated silhouettes, including above-the-knee length crew sweats and extended pants, as well was dropped crotches, fitted calves, built in mittens and integrated fitted hoods.

Continuing the martial arts theme, another option to obscure the face is a baseball style cap that can be pulled down and worn over the face - with mesh eye allowing perfect vision for the wearer. The collection features Emerald green and super black, where a fleece backed reflective glass material is used for the outerwear, which returns white light to its source, so that night-lit CCTV cameras are unable to fully record the wearer's identity. Maharishi combines traditional ninja stealth and a combination of 21st century utility to deliver killer style.


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  1. What a love piece of writing Victor. I really like the message and theme that came with this collection, it's clever too. Kinda promotes criminal stealth activities though haha. Can't wait to see you review womens shows :D


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