Versace really is the staple of Milanese fashion; a woman who is confident, sexy and really likes to flash her wealth. I would argue that Versace targets an older audience, a certain woman who loved her youth and wants to remain so, but there is an odd youngster in there too. This season, Donatella really spearheaded the cultural revolution, the icon of the #. The collection was brimming with shiny internet symbols and digital iconography, like V-E-R-S-A-C-E spelled boldly across skirts.

It's crucial to remember that when Gianni started the brand, he was inspired by colours. The house is famed for its bright hues and eye-catching colours, which separates Versace from it's nude and neutral toned counterparts. Donatella did it in searing jolts of colour, from plunging reds to electric yellow. She even dramatised a once sober suit, with slashes of sheer in the upper thighs. And of course the famed Versace logo was splashed across bomber jackets, in shiny glitter with other digitalised emojies, signs and emoticons. As bad as it sounds, Donatella's collections are still proof that there is good style and humour to found in fashion.


Photo Credit: Style.com

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